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Farmer Andrea has been busy this Spring getting ready for the 2017 CSA + Market Season! Spreadsheets, Seed Catalogues, Sterilizing Seedling Trays, SEEDS, Planting, all part of the Farm Lyfe.

andrea collage.jpg

Photo credit: Andrea Nickerson + rashel t

Seedlings Indoors …

seedling collage.jpg

Photo credit: Andrea Nickerson + rashel t

Seedlings Outdoors …

out seedlings collage.jpg

Photo credit: Andrea Nickerson

Over-wintered and self-seeded Spring surprises …

winter survivors collage

Scallions, Gorgeous Lettuces that popped up in beds, outside of beds, gorgeous Lettuce everywhere! Photo credit: rashel t.

Every year we let a couple of broody Hens hatch out a clutch of eggs. We don’t purposely breed them so they become Tremblay Farm Mixies. Farm child Oddy wanted to make sure we had some new chicks this season and Farmer Mike (Pepe) helped get them all set up before his major heart surgery this Spring.

chicken collage

These Mamas are very protective of their babies. Here they are showing their newly hatched offspring how to scratch and forage for grains and seeds. After eating very little while incubating their eggs these Mamas are ravenous! Photo credit rashel t.


Interesting things found around the farm in May …

around the farm collage.jpg

Wallflower, ancient Pear Tree covered in blossoms, Wild Ginger, Fungus, Lilac, Chives with Busy Bees, Kildeer eggs, Scat, Insect Eggs. Photo credit: rashel t.

While Farmer Rashel is taking a break from Market Gardening they are turning their focus towards creating and maintaining a new Wild Space in an awkward part of the farm. This will serve as an Insectary (habitat) for beneficial insects + pollinators, as well as a space for Medicinal Plants. The focus is primarily on Indigenous Perennials and self-seeding annuals with the goal of having the space be self-sufficient and diverse, as well as a place to learn from and harvest medicines.

herb collage.jpg

Plantain infusing in oil, Chamomile, Nettles. Photo credit: rashel t.

This blog will have a different focus in 2017. Instead of being a weekly round-up of farm happenings and seasonal veggies it will be a monthly update of interesting things found around the farm, musings on gardening with children, current experimentations in permaculture and sustainable ecological food growing.


Our “little” garden this year – only 15 4×18 ft beds – and our new little helper. Toddler S is a natural forager! Photo credit: rashel t.

More fun around the farm in May …

around the garden collage.jpg

The big farm children take the toddler on adventures, pea shoot snacks, plants in flower / seed saving, rainbow, potatoes planted by Rashel + Toddler S in an experimental hay bale bed, carrots, flooding. Photo credit: Mike Tremblay, rashel t.

Unsurprisingly Rashel’s favourite bed is the most diverse one. Lettuce self-seeded, Parsley over-wintered, Sunflowers showed up, and Rashel didn’t want to remove anything so they planted seedlings in the available spaces. Trying out Celeriac + storage Kohlrabi for the first time. Also planted Collards, Brussel Sprouts, and Radnips.


Photo credit: rashel t

A new experiment this year is Trench Composting. This bed was in need of remediation so it was the perfect first experiment. A trench was dug out of the middle of the bed and in it’s place we placed unfinished compost and seaweed. Various squashes have been planted in to the middle where the compost is. If this is successful we will do a variation on this in years to come. Each year one third of a bed will be dug out and composting materials thrown in as the season progresses. The following year we will plant on top of the trench, rotating which area gets the compost from year to year.


Photo credit: rashel t

We are also experimenting with more Companion Planting, with plants in closer quarters in our 4 by 18 foot raised beds. Some friends include: Peas + Carrots with Lettuce; Cucumbers + Squash with Radishes + Beans; Alyssum all over but especially near Lettuces; Garlic + Tomatoes with Basil; Marigolds + Pole Beans.

Looking forward to sharing more Cute Creatures, Garden Stories, and Farm Lyfe with everyone 🙂


Newly hatched Praying Mantis in a pot of Succulents. Photo credit: Andrea Nickerson.




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Happy Springtime everyone!

We are still accepting new members for 2016, check out the “Membership Info” page for all the details. We are always adding new information to the “Veggies!” page and the “Foraging + Market Events” page as well.

After a lovely family gathering this past weekend we decided to go out and photograph the gardens in very early Spring. Here’s what we found popping up, peeking out, and springing up:


On the banks of Tremblay Creek……


…..Ramps (Wild Onion/Garlic/Leek) are making their appearance.

tracks w foot.jpg

Tracks found in the field.


Identified as Wild Turkey.

frank tree.jpg

Frank the Tree is ready to greet farm visitors.

garlic closeup.jpg



We’re growing a HUGE amount of Garlic this year to try and keep up with demand.


Experimental patch of perennial Garlic that was planted in 2014.


Overwintered Carrot

rabbit eaten carrot.jpg

1 bed of overwintered Carrots that was left uncovered and became snacks for Rabbits. Luckily there are 2 more beds of Carrots that will be early season treats for members.


Overwintered Kale, the sweetest of the sweet!


More Kale peeking out.


Collard greens overwintered beautifully.

siberian squill.jpg

Siberian Squill is always the first to flower.




Tansy coming back to life.


Perennial Onions, also known as Walking Onions or Egyptian Onions.


Lettuce that accidentally overwintered.



Farm child Oddy peeking into a covered bed to see what’s inside.

lettuce experiment.jpg

Experimental bed; Lettuce left to go to seed that will hopefully re-seed itself for an early crop.


Sweet overwintered Parsley.


Chives are out, providing a much-needed nutritional powerhouse for the buildup of  mucous-producing Winter illnesses.


Overwintered Leeks are making their appearance.


Maple keys trying their best to take root.


Scallions in the greenhouse, almost ready to plant outside! Photo by Carther Plants.

empty fields.jpg

What is now a large expanse of empty, muddy soil will soon be turned into a lush garden of veggies!

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