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Happy April everyone!

Let’s get to some news before we get to farm updates 🙂

purple broccoli

Happy Honey Bees; Overwintered Purple Sprouting Broccoli

We are now CLOSED to new members who want ShopEco as their pickup location, we are FULL! Exceptions will be made for returning members only but they must let us know by May 18th.

We are still accepting members at our farm location, May 18th is the deadline to sign up.

Our season will start on Saturday May 28th at our on-farm market. Special guests for opening day, The Cheese Bar, a local company with plenty of cheeses to sample.

For members who are already signed up – we will be sending out welcome emails with details of where and when the season will begin, and important membership information. We’ll be asking you to let us know which share style you prefer (if you haven’t already told us), and which early bird special you want (if applicable).

Paid members can also take advantage of our Referral Program. If you refer someone who becomes a paid member your name will be entered into a draw to win $100 worth of produce. Please share our Membership Information if you have friends or family who live near our farm!

We are holding a monthly contest on our Facebook page and winners get a gift certificate for $15 worth of our on-farm produce.

If you’re looking for organically-grown seedlings for your home garden join us at our farm on Sunday May 15th from 10 am to 1 pm where we will be joined by Wheatley Woods (you can also find them on Facebook) for Food, Fruit, and Forage: Plant + Seedling sale. All the details will be posted on our Facebook Event Page. We’re also planning a special Foraging Walk in conjunction with Wheatley Woods in late June.

greenhouse collage

Seedlings growing well in the greenhouse.

We have so many exciting events planned for every Saturday at the farm and we are still in the planning stages for more events to come! Check back in often to our Events page  and on our Facebook page for full details on events and opportunities such as: a traditional, ceremonial 3 Sisters Mound building event; a foraging walk at River Bell in Dresden in mid-May that will also include a foraged meal at a local restaurant; chef demonstrations; hands-on workshops; details on a “Kid’s Gardening Club” (we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback for this!); weekly freshly-pressed seasonal juices by subscription at the farm on Saturdays (let us know if you’re interested or want more information); options for ordering through our new ONFC buying club; and drop-in yoga several mornings a week.

Through all of our busy planning we’ve also been busy planting! Onions, scallions, red cabbage, broccoli, cilantro, and peas have all made their way into our luscious soil and are enjoying the delicious soft rain. If you want to know more about what varieties we are growing check out our Veggies! page, some of our varieties have lovely stories about their heritage (links included with variety listings).

farm children.jpg

Whoever says children don’t value hard work, getting dirty, and where their food comes from has perhaps never given a child the chance to spend the day on a working farm. Our neighbour friend, who usually comes over to play video games, couldn’t wait to come and work on the farm. He was excited at every job he was given, enjoyed being able to eat Kale straight off the plant and being able to harvest his own Carrot salad. He can’t wait to come back each week!

Spring also signals the return of nourishing greens …. These are surprises we found that had over-wintered and survived our “Winter” ….

greens collage.jpg

Wild Arugula; Spinach

Looking forward to the next Farm update and in finalizing all of our plans for the season!



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The Belle River Farmers Market opens this Sunday June 7th from 10am – 2pm at Optimist Park (705 Notre Dame St.) in Belle River. It’s still early in the season but here are some fresh veggie goodies we’ll have on offer at the market:

2 different varieties of delicious Spinach 'Butterflay' and 'Corvair'.

Two varieties of delicious Spinach, ‘Butterflay’ and ‘Corvair’.

Week 1 Market Produce

From Left to Right: Salad + Scallions, Bok Choi, ‘Olympic Red’ Kale, ‘Red Russian’ Kale, ‘Vates Curly’ Kale, Certified Organic Seedlings.

We’ll also have Sunshine Pickles, Sunparlour Honey, Mushrooms, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Eggplant, and ASPARAGUS.

Fresh goodies to come in the next couple of weeks….

Garlic is coming along beautifully; Snow Peas, Sugar Snap Peas, and Shelling Peas; a new crop this year - Fennel; more Spinach!; Onions.

Garlic is coming along beautifully; Snow Peas, Sugar Snap Peas, and Shelling Peas; a new crop this year – Fennel; more Spinach!; Onions happy under their leaf mulch.

We’re expanding our production space this year by not just doubling but tripling the amount of area we’re using to produce vegetables. We’re using more of our “back 30” for heat-loving veggies that are grown under black plastic and we’re using an old pasture that has been used by our free-range chickens for many years (using the fence to grow Pole Beans, for example). We’ve added more companion crops and beneficial crops like Horseradish and Tansy while re-using old tires for the farm children to grow their own personal crop of Potatoes.

ExpansionAfter receiving 4 inches of much-needed Rain all at once we are reminded of why we use permanent raised beds even for crops grown under black plastic (these beds differ from our boxed raised beds). If our crops were grown “on the flat” these precious seedlings would have been lost and drowned but the seedlings are raised several inches up off the ground while the excess water pools in the “valleys”. Underneath the plastic is also a “valley” where water can pool and where the roots of the seedlings have to work to get the water but in the process it strengthens the seedlings and keeps them from drowning.


Tomatoes, Peppers, and Eggplant seedlings.

We are still accepting new members for the 2015 season at all of our locations so don’t forget about our referral program and have your chance to win FREE produce for the season! We will be sending out emails to current members in the next couple of weeks when we are ready to start the season for FRESH VEGGIES!, and to discuss the various share size options and final payments. We will also be announcing soon the details of our weekly on-farm farmers market so stay tuned here and at our Facebook page!

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