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Today is the last day to take advantage of our Early Bird Special. Register by paying your $200 deposit and we’ll thank you with your choice of either 1 free week of produce, a gift basket (containing items such as honey, pickles, dried herbs, seeds), or a foraging walk – all valued at $15.



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We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting new members for the 2016 season! You can find out all the details on our new page ~ Membership Information.


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For some reason the song and video I posted yesterday doesn’t show up if you receive our blog posts by email. If you want to see our new theme song visit the website directly. And don’t forget to tell us about your favourite vegetables!


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Until now we’ve been using the back of our “Milkhouse” as a cooler to keep the veggies fresh. This is a very old building – it might be part of the original house – and was never properly insulated. As anyone who’s been to the farm knows the doorway was constructed for very short people and trying not to hit your head has always been a hazard. Earlier this Spring my dad (Mike), my children, and my brother were working on a new chicken coop but with the arrival of the pigs and the construction of raised beds the farm didn’t get new chickens in the Spring. But we did need a new cooler. We thought of, and checked out, various options including a refrigerated truck, but nothing worked out. So we decided to move the new “chicken coop”.019We used Permaculture concepts when deciding on its location. It’s under Trees and gets shade for most of the day. It is located at the end of the driveway so it’s easy for customers to access and it’s easy for us to get in and out and to pack up the truck for deliveries. It got a “facelift” so that it looks more like a “Cabane” that could be used as a guest house rather than the chicken house it was meant to be.020Again inspired by Permaculture principles the walk-in cooler is already set up for Rainwater Harvesting with a Rain barrel.  024Right now we are using an air conditioner only and it fits our needs well but we will look into getting a Coolbot again in future years. We are so pleased with the extra room the new cooler provides, we aren’t tripping over ourselves and we are able to be organized when packing up the weekly CSA shares. It’s much more convenient, and safer!, for customers who visit the farm.

On a different note, some of you may have noticed that you didn’t get any Kale or Chard in your bags this week even though the weekly basket picture had baby Kale in it. When we were packing the bags up we noticed that while some of the Kale was still in good condition most of it was not and we could not give that out to customers. We only had 1 hour before needing to leave to deliver to Windsor so there was no time to get more Kale. We apologize for that.

Happy Long Weekend Everyone!


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Busy, busy Bees

Busy, busy Bees

A reminder that we have Certified Organic Baby Dill Pickles for sale at the farm as well as Sunparlour Honey – liquid or creamed – $7 each.

Local and Organic

Local and Organic

I will be at Shop Eco on August 26th from 4 until 7 and will have Pickles and Honey with me. I will also have them at The Urban Greenhouse on September 2nd from 4 until 7. If you’d like them included with your weekly veggies at another time please let me know so I can pack them up for you.

Have a lovely, sunny week everyone!

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We have a longstanding relationship with a long-time organic farmer in Wheatley who raises grass-fed Cows and offers beef shares throughout the year. We have been able to get some lean ground beef to offer our CSA members and loyal customers on a limited basis. The ground beef is $6.50 per pound and frozen in 1 pound packages. It’s first come, first serve and is available by appointment at our farm gate. I can also bring limited quantities for our Windsor CSA members this Tuesday when I will be at our South Windsor location at Take Back The Farm but you must prearrange this with me by Monday evening, email me at locallygerminated@gmail.com.


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We are gearing up for 2014! This is our ad on kijiji, please share!

We are a local, ecological and, diverse mixed farm located in Lakeshore near the border of Chatham-Kent. We grow and market food in an innovative way – through a CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture. We grow 60+ different vegetables and herbs for our weekly baskets and pride ourselves on providing the freshest and healthiest veggies available. We use innovative growing methods, borrowing from Permaculture, Square-Foot Gardening, Hugelkultur, Biologically Intensive (French intensive), small-scale market gardening, and Ecological methods (going beyond Organic certification requirements). We have over 50 years of farming experience.

An intern will receive minimum wage for 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week, for 20 weeks (please email for further information). You will have the opportunity to learn a variety of skills – building raised beds, sheet mulching, fruit forest gardening, companion planting, creating beneficial habitat, weeding, harvesting, trellising, seedling care, animal care (chickens, turkeys, pigs), composting, irrigation, passive water capture, mulching, wild edibles + foraging, as well as how to grow a diverse variety of crops. Start and end dates are flexible – starting in either May or June and ending in September or October.

This will differ from a traditional intern position. It will be paid and there won’t be a separate educational component. You may learn about how we plan and manage our CSA boxes but it won’t be a large component. What we are looking for is someone who wants to learn about market gardening and ecological food –growing and can commit to being present for the full season. We are a child-friendly farm.

If you’re looking to learn about new ways to grow food and are willing to get dirty, this is the experience for you!

Please send an email with your interest and availability to locallygerminated@gmail.com

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