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We’ve been busy planting thousands of seedlings and now we wait for the rain to water them!

fam planting borderOur farm is always a family affair and our waterwheel planter allows even the youngest family member to help out with planting. From the top, left to right: Getting the black plastic laid down; Being silly; 2 folks can plant at once and our 15 year old follows behind to make sure every seedling is properly planted; Black plastic makes a great mulch and keeps seedlings warm even in a frost; Our wonderful intern for this year; Planting; Our 10 year old is planting Tomatoes; Our 8 year old is planting Peppers.


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Spring has sprung and that means our farming season is well underway!

covering beds

Creating new easy-to-install and easy-to-remove covers for our raised beds. These are protecting our Bok Choi from possible frost from cold nights and from the Flea Beetles that munch on them. We’re installing these new covers on all of our raised beds.


Filling up more beds. We are truly a family farm as everyone helps – from the youngest to the eldest. 4 generations work together to make it all happen. A large tarp is smothering weeds and will be the space used for our seedlings to harden off.


Our cute little greenhouse! We planted out these Bok Choi, Salad, Parsley, and Scallions seedlings. We also planted Cilantro and Peas – trialing a new purple variety this year!

2 new specialty roots we are trialing this year - Salsify and Scorzonera - we here they are delish to humans and pollinators alike.

2 new specialty roots we are trialing this year – Salsify and Scorzonera – we hear they are delicious to humans and pollinators alike. We’ve never seen such interesting seeds!

Our friends over at Our One Acre Farm recently put up a post that sums up the Permaculture principles we apply on our farm when planning and planting, they can be adapted to any size garden ~ http://ouroneacrefarm.com/permaculture-principles-for-practical-gardeners-and-farmers/

Now it’s time to get back outside and enjoy the glorious Sun, happy May days everyone!

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