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Pick List this week (varies by location) :


A variety of mini-Squash - variety names to come next week!

A variety of mini-Squash – variety names to come next week!

Surprise Squash (aka Unknown)

Surprise Squash (aka Unknown)

Fragrant Parsley

Rainbow Chard, Rainbow Kale, Salad Mix with Nasturtiums

Baby Beets

Eggplant, Summer Squash, Cucumbers, Sweet Peppers



Scallions, with looong green, edible stems.


Mayan Habanero



The very last of the Tomatoes, mostly unripe.

018You can leave the Tomatoes out on the counter to ripen or you can try some of these recipes with the green Tomatoes: Fried Green Tomatoes, Pickled Vegetables (Tursija) (link provided by a CSA member), 25 Recipe ideas from Tipnut, and recipes from thekitchn.com.

We love hearing about how you are using your fresh, local produce to make delicious dishes! Please share here on the blog or on our facebook page so that others may get new ideas for using their veggies and thank you to those who’ve already shared.021

Pictured: Crimson Sweet Watermelon, Eggplant, Scallions, Hot Peppers, Squash, Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Parsley, Rainbow Chard.





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Happy Fall Equinox! We have been preparing for the cool weather and the end of the weekly veggies by planting out the last of our crops. We’ve seeded Beets, Turnips, Radishes, and Salad Mix, and transplanted Scallions and Brassicas (Kales, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Kohlrabi). We made room in raised beds for the Brassicas as well as experimenting with transplanting them into the black plastic where other crops have finished their time.


Red Cabbage inter-planted with Scallions

We spent an interesting afternoon harvesting all of our Watermelons and finding space for them. I am declaring Watermelons our official bumper crop for 2014!

Pick List (items vary depending upon location) :

New this Week, Tomatillos. Native to Mexico and part of the Tomato family, there are many ways to enjoy Tomatillos – Salsa Verde and Green Sauce are the most popular ways, you can find more recipes at All Recipes! They are good eaten as they are, added to salads, or as a farm member suggested, slightly warmed up as a side to eggs. It’s just a small sampling this week, this is our first time growing Tomatillos so we didn’t plant very much. But they have thrived in an area where nothing else has grown very well so they will likely make it in our regular rotation in future years.

Pictured below: Toma Verde and De Milpa Tomatillos















Watermelons – they might be pink, red, yellow, or white inside but they are all super sweet and delicious!

Sandwich Tomatoes -if we decide to pick them again next week they will be green and I’ll have to search out some recipes beyond “fried green tomatoes” as a way to use them up

Cherry Tomatoes – very limited quantities and the last week for them

Hot Peppers – Maya Habanero and Black Hungarian

Chinese Eggplant, Sweet Peppers

Baby Beets – limited quantities

Spaghetti Squash – very limited quantities

Leafy Greens – Rainbow Kale, Rainbow Chard, Parsley, Salad Mix with Nasturtiums


Pretty, edible, flavourful – Nasturtium flowers. This week we saw Hummingbirds sipping their nectar.

There is no weekly basket picture this week. We’ve had to make a patchwork of sorts for this week and there are too many variables in each share to take a picture of this weeks “typical” veggie haul. Plus, our photographer is out of town 😉





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We didn’t have the internet for several days so I wasn’t able to do this post on time.

Pick List:

Candy Cherry Tomatoes

Sandwich Tomatoes

Sweet Peppers

Look at this gorgeous 'Islander' Pepper!

Look at this gorgeous ‘Islander’ Pepper! Pictures don’t do it justice!

Salad mix with Parsley and Nasturtiums

Corn – grown by my grandparents on their farm in Pointe-Aux-Roches. As my 7 year old says, “You know it’s organic because there’s bugs in it and if the bugs don’t want to eat it then neither do I.”

Eggplant / Summer Squash

The last of the Cucumbers for the season.

Pictured: 1 lb of Salad Mix with Parsley and Nasturtiums, a variety of Tomatoes, Large and Small Sweet Peppers, Candy Tomatoes, Eggplant, Cucumber, Corn

Pictured: 1 lb of Salad Mix with Parsley and Nasturtiums, a variety of Tomatoes, Sweet Bell Peppers + Lunchbox Peppers, Candy Tomatoes, Eggplant, Cucumber, Corn

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Welcome to Week 12, where September feels like early August!

We discovered a parasitized Hornworm while picking Cherry Tomatoes on Monday and it’s too bad we don’t carry cameras while we work because it’s quite a sight and a good sign for us! Unfortunately the dying Tomato plants aren’t a good sign.

Almost every week I ask my 14 yo to take a picture of the weekly basket and I think it’s because of his natural artistic flair that he takes over 15 different pictures from various angles. I don’t give him any direction as to how to lay out the produce but I love the pictures every time. I am posting some of his layouts throughout this post because I just love his creativity!

upside down

upside down

don't know sideways

hard angles

Pick list (may be different depending on location) :

Candy Tomatoes – an idea for an abundance of these Tomatoes is to “sun-dry” them either with a dehydrator or the actual Sun. We simply cut them in half and put them in the dehydrator, they take 24-48 hrs to dry. We then either put them in jars, in the freezer, or in olive oil. For more ideas and techniques to Sun-dry check out this post on Pickyourown.org

Sandwich / Slicing / Roma-Paste Tomatoes

Sweet Peppers – Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, multi-coloured – these Peppers are gorgeous! This was my first year growing the Lunchbox variety from Johnny’s Seeds and when I was picking the little red ones (easily confused with Hot Peppers) I was cursing at how difficult they were to pick and muttering that I wouldn’t grow them again. But…..then I tasted them. And I can’t stop eating them. They are the best Pepper I’ve ever had. I can eat several pounds of them in a sitting without even noticing and then still want more!


Fishies in the ocean of grass

Salad Mix with Nasturtium Flowers

Cucumbers or Hot Peppers – this does seem like a strange either/or choice but when we went to harvest Cucumbers most of the plants were dead, not just dying but brown and dry, totally dead. It’s been a terrible year for Cucumbers as they are already, in a good year, susceptible to Mildews and Blight, and they hate being rained on, especially in cool weather. So we picked all the Hot Peppers we could as they have been well received by members. This job belongs to my 9yo but they sustained an injury while doing the job so we had to call in back up.

Watermelon – these are finally coming to our members who pick up at Shop Eco! Don’t be alarmed by a white or yellow interior, our Watermelons come in many colours and you have to taste them to know how sweet they are. If you happen to get an unripe Watermelon please let us know so we can send you another one.

The Week 12 Basket of Organic Veggies:

Pictured: Summer Squash, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Sweet and Hot Peppers, Candy Tomatoes, Salad Mix with Nasturtiums, Rainbow Roots

Pictured: Cucumber, Summer Squash, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Sweet and Hot Peppers, Candy Tomatoes, Salad Mix with Nasturtiums, Rainbow Roots




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Note: this was just a quick and abridged version of the weekly blog post. (Stay tuned for pictures to be added as well as links and more info.)

Every Tuesday except for 1 in the last 11 weeks it has rained and stormed and yesterday was no exception. We were sopping wet. Pictures were not taken. The bare minimum was done to get the veggies harvested and put away. It seemed ridiculous to be hand-washing Beets in the pouring rain but there we were. And the veggies are waiting to be packed up and taken to Windsor this afternoon.

On this week’s Pick list (items will vary with location) :

Salad Mix (Nasturtium flowers)

Candy Cherry Tomatoes – if you find you are getting too many of these try slicing them in half and dehydrating them to have a supply of sun-dried tomatoes for the Winter

Sandwich and Sauce Tomatoes – great week to turn our delicious tomatoes into sauce for the Winter

Delicious Sauce Tomatoes!

Delicious Sauce Tomatoes!

Sweet Peppers – Lunchbox (the small red ones look like hot peppers but they are super sweet and tasty!), Glow (orange bell), Islander (purple pepper), King of the North (red bell), King Crimson (red bell).

Eat the Rainbow!

Eat the Rainbow!

Lunchbox Snacking Peppers

Lunchbox Snacking Peppers

Hot Peppers

Eggplant or Summer Squash (this is likely the last week for Summer Squash, the plants will be done by next week)

Cucumbers – Armenian “Snake”, Slicers, Lemon, Boothby’s,

Rainbow Beets and Turnips

Select locations are getting Watermelon – please be assured everyone will get a Watermelon. This week Watermelons are going to members who pick up at Take Back The Farm and The Urban Greenhouse, where I will be from 4pm until 7 pm today. Don’t forget I’ll have Organic Pickles and Local Honey for sale!

A note about the Watermelons – many of the fruits that are ready right now are yellow or white inside so please don’t fret and think that you got an unripe one, you won’t know until you try it!

Farming note: Mildew and mold have swept through all the plants due to the cold and wet weather, mostly the wet. Basil has been decimated, Dragon Beans, too. Our first plantings of Cucumbers are done. It is affecting the Tomatoes badly though they are still producing. <fingers crossed> it doesn’t get any worse!

Bounty of the County Week! Too much to all be pictured! Several POUNDS of Sauce Tomatoes, Candy Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Armenian Cucumber, SWEET Peppers, Salad mix with Nasturtiums, Rainbow Beets + Turnips, Eggplant, Summer Squash, Watermelon.

Bounty of the County Week, too much to all be pictured! Several POUNDS of: Sauce Tomatoes, Candy Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Armenian Cucumber, SWEET Peppers, Eggplant, and Summer Squash. Salad mix with Nasturtiums, Rainbow Beets + Turnips, Watermelon, bonus Hot Peppers.


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